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6:00 P.M., THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2006




I.                    CALL TO ORDER – Mayor Fred Waterman called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. and led the public in the Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence.


II.                  ROLL CALL -  Present were:  Mayor Fred Waterman, Vice Mayor Michele Kern, Councilmembers Roy Delgado, Rick Monzon and Bill Conner, City Manager BJ Cornwall, Attorney Kelly Lewis, City Engineer Chris Young, Int. Police Chief Bryan Beamish, Acting Fire Chief Tom Christmas and City Clerk Edith Hoover.  Absent:  Councilor Xavier Bedolla (Excused) and Councilor Tensi Reed (Sick)


III.                CONSENT AGENDA


1.                  Consideration and action regarding Resolution No. R06-04-11, authorizing the City to enter into an agreement with Habitat for Humanity of the West Valley for HOME match funds.


2.                  Consideration and action regarding the award of contract for the Alto Water Production Facility and Reservoirs (PW06-W02).


3.                  Consideration and action regarding the acceptance of $2,700 from Area Agency for the purchase of office equipment.


Councilman Delgado asked where the $2,700 for office equipment would be spent.  City Manager Cornwall reported it would be for the Senior Center.


Councilman Delgado made a motion to approve all items on the Consent Agenda; seconded by Councilman Conner.


VOTE:      Yea:                Monzon, Kern, Delgado, Conner, Waterman


                  Absent:           Reed, Bedolla

                  Motion:           Carried


IV.               MAYOR’S COMMENTS


Mayor Waterman reported on the TAG Program.  To date, there have been 13 arrests.  Some of them have been very alert employees of the City and

some of them have been citizens calling in which is how this program was set up.  There was an interview on Channel 5 last evening.  He is very proud of all the citizens and the staff.  There have been 6 guilty verdicts.  Besides having to pay over $2,000 to get these walls painted, they come to this city and put in 80 hours of community service.  We are probably at any time 95% graffiti free right now.  He feels we are the cleanest City in the area.


V.                 REGULAR AGENDA


No Regular Agenda items were submitted.




Councilman Delgado brought the public up to date regarding the usage of our library.  He went to a meeting in Scottsdale and they filled out the usage figures.  The El Mirage Library in January had a 40% increase over the same month in December.  February had an increase of 37% over the 2005 usage.  March had an increase of 64%.  Gail and Yolanda are doing an excellent job.  They have instituted a program whereby when a child reads as many books as they can read in a period of time, they are given a prize, a teddy bear or something.  The El Mirage Library is getting a lot of notice.  He asked Councilmembers who do not have a Library Card to please go get one and visit with the people.  They are doing a lot of good for the community.


Councilman Conner reported on April 18th and 19th he will be attending the Southwest Homeland Security Conference in downtown Phoenix and hopes to have a report prepared for your review and the publics review after that.




City Manager Cornwall commended Councilor Delgado for procuring over 300 books and CDs for the library in mint condition for the Library.  Knowledge is power and this is commendable.


His office received a survey from the West Valley Cultural Steering Committee.  West Valley civic and government leaders are working on a plan for area arts development, and they want to find out what people who live and work in the area want in their arts, culture, and entertainment.  Now through April 20th they will be surveying area residents to find that out.  The surveys are available in English and Spanish at West Valley libraries, City Hall locations, Wells Fargo branches, and on line at  Not only will answering the survey provide munch-needed information to the arts

planning group, but those who fill it out could win a prize ranging from free golf to free food to free money.


The survey is part of a year-long cultural planning process coordinated by the West Valley Arts Council, co-chaired by City of Goodyear Mayor James Cavanaugh and Vice President of Greater Phoenix Leadership, Lisa Adkins and led by an 85-member steering committee.  Public opinion is essential to these leaders as they develop the area’s cultural plan, which will include what kinds of music, dance, theatre, film, crafts, literary, and other offerings are available in the West Valley.  Preliminary findings will be published in area newspapers and reported at a June forum.  The final plan and strategies for implementation will be available at year end.


The Wal-Mart groundbreaking has been backed up.  They have given Foxworth Galbraith a 10-day extension to get out.  However, it will not change the opening date of January 2007.  He will let everyone know when the groundbreaking will occur. 


Last evening CDAC had a meeting and they will recommend to the Board of Supervisors on May 8th the full amounts that were approved at the prior CDAC meeting, $450,000 for the Water Improvement Plan and $210,000 for the Housing Rehab Program.  Once again, we are the largest benefactor of the program.


The big news is the Census.  There is bad news and good news.  The bad news is that they have us at 26,556.  Everyone knows it is higher than that.  Tomorrow is the deadline date for appealing it.  JoAnne Garrett and Mark Smith have worked very hard to put it together.  Today it was FexExed to the Census Bureau.  He feels we have a strong case to show them we are well in excess of the reported number.  We feel there was a large discrepancy.  The Census Bureau had us with only 9,100 dwelling units.  We have a lot more than that.  We can show them we have roughly 11,000.  We will be able to prove our case and get those dollars.  At the present time, if 26,556 is the actual number, we will be giving up in excess of $16,000,000 over the next four years.  He thinks staff has done a great job.




No comments were made.




No Executive Session has been requested.


X.                 ADJOURNMENT


Councilman Conner made a motion to adjourn at 6:12 P.M.; seconded by Vice Mayor Kern.


VOTE:      Yea:                Monzon, Kern, Delgado, Conner, Waterman


                  Absent:           Reed, Bedolla

                  Motion:           Carried