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6:00 P.M., THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2006




CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Waterman called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. and led the Public in the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence


ROLL CALL:  Mayor Fred Waterman, Vice Mayor Michele Kern, Councilmember Xavier Bedolla, Councilmember Rick J. Monzon, Councilmember Roy Delgado, City Manager BJ Cornwall, Attorney Fredda Bisman, City Engineer Chris Young, Asst. Police Chief Ken Holmes, Acting Fire Chief Tom Christmas and City Clerk Edith Hoover.  Excused:  Tensi Reed due to illness.




Consideration and action regarding the second reading of Ordinance No. O06-01-01, adopting the codification of Chapter 18, Encroachments And Other Uses in the Public right-Of-Way” of the City Code of the City of El Mirage.


Consideration and action regarding the second reading of Ordinance No. O06-01-02, adopting the codification of “Chapter 19, Off-Site Construction Improvement Requirements for Property Development” of the City Code of the City of El Mirage.


Consideration and action regarding granting a perpetual Public Utility Easement to APS for access in, under, and across the 4-acre well site located at the corner of Canterbury Drive and 125th Avenue (real property described under Warranty Deed Amended; Record Number 2005-0413179, 4/21/05) for construction, maintenance, repair, and operation of public utility lines, pipes, poles, or other necessary equipment on, over, and to the easement property.  Consideration and action accepting a utility and landscape easement extending north from the northwest corner of the well-site to Cactus Rd. and around the perimeter of the well-site.


Vice Mayor Kern made a motion to approve all items on the Consent Agenda; seconded by Councilman Monzon.


VOTE:            Yea:                Monzon, Bedolla, Delgado, Kern, Waterman


                        Absent:           Reed

                        Motion:           Carried




Mayor Waterman had no comments at this time.




Presentation by Kirkham Michael representing Maricopa County concerning the El Mirage Road Corridor.


Renee Props, Maricopa County Transportation Dept. Project Manager for the El Mirage Corridor Study, reported study limits are Northern Ave. to the South and Bell Rd. to the North.  This section of El Mirage Road has been selected for a grade selection.  Total regional spending is approximately $35,000,005.00.  They are refining their alternatives.  She then turned the presentation over to Barry Lane of Kirkham Michael and Associates.


Mr. Lane explained the purpose of the project, the five options, schedule of project, impacts to the sections of El Mirage, right-of-ways, etc.  A copy of the packet is attached to these minutes.


Consideration and action concerning nominations and appointment to fill the vacant Councilmember position.


Mayor Waterman requested nominations from the Council.


Vice Mayor Kern nominated William E. Conner.  Councilman Rick Monzon nominated Henry Pasinski.  There were no other nominations.


A vote was taken to appoint William E. Conner as the successful candidate to fill the vacant Councilmember position.


VOTE:            Yea:                Bedolla, Kern, Delgado, Waterman

                        Nay:                Monzon

                        Absent:           Reed

                        Motion:           Carried to appoint William E. Conner who received the

                                                Majority vote.


Vice Mayor Kern stated she was very pleased with the interviews.  They had some very good candidates.  The reason she nominated Mr. Conner was because of his background and previous support of the community.


Councilman Delgado thanked all the individuals.  If they all decided to run for the Councilmember seats coming up we would have good leaders.  He did not nominate

anyone because they were all good candidates.  If this ever happens in the City again, he would like to have the interviews in an open meeting because they all gave extremely good answers to the interview questions.


Mayor Waterman stated he was so impressed there was almost no one that he would have given a no vote to.  He thanked them all for participating in this process.


Councilman Bedolla stated it was very difficult to choose between so many people.  He is impressed that there are lawyers and doctors interested in taking part in making El Mirage a better place to live. 


Vice Mayor Kern invited the unsuccessful candidates to participate in the Planning and Zoning Commission which now has two Commissioner positions open.


Presentation of the Oath of Office to the successful candidate to fill the vacant      Councilmember position until the next regularly scheduled candidate election      in September, 2006.


City Clerk Edith Hoover presented the Oath of Office to William E. Conner appointed to fill the vacant Councilmember seat.  Councilman Conner then took his seat on the Council.




Vice Mayor Kern stated she is pleased to finally have a full Council.


Councilman Delgado thanked the people for coming to the meeting.  We have a serious problem throughout the City regarding the dust problem.  He thanked Mr. Cornwall for moving ahead with the dust issue and also the irrigation issue.


Councilman Conner thanked the members of the Council who expressed their confidence in him.  He also is a member of the public.  Sitting on this side of the table is no different than sitting right where they are.  He invited the public to bring any issues or concerns to him.  He plans to earn their trust and promises to do as good a job as possible.




City Manager BJ Cornwall thanked the public for coming to the meeting for the PM-10 and irrigation issues.  He then reported on the Police and Fire Department Audits.  They are moving forward on the recommendations.  He will be coming forward soon with a report to Council.  The Utility Dept. will expand their hours by 2 hours a day.  They will

be opening at 7:00 A.M. and remain open until 6:00 p.m.   At the last meeting he reported on the Dysart and Thunderbird intersection.  The Police Officers directing traffic has helped and this project will be expanded.  Cactus and Dysart and Peoria and Dysart will also be having Police Officer direction.  They will also be expanding the coverage to weekends because this is not just a Monday through Friday problem.   We are still on schedule in April to institute the lights.  He, the Council and members of the community have expressed positive things happening in the City.  We are now developing a quarterly newsletter with the first issue coming out in March.  It is going to tell the good things going on in the City. 




James Garrett, 13010 W. Ash Street, congratulated Mr. Conner.  He would like to see this type of appointment interview to be done in the public.  It would take up the same time to set up both types of meetings and the people of the community need to know the qualifications they have for a seat on the Council.   It was a bad judgment call and he hopes the City won’t do it again that way.




No Executive Session was requested at this time.




Councilman Conner made a motion to adjourn at 6:39 p.m.; seconded by Vice Mayor Kern.


VOTE:            Yea:                Monzon, Bedolla, Kern, Delgado, Waterman


                                    Absent:           Reed

                                    Motion:           Carried