El Mirage, Let's Pick it Up!


City Manager Dr. Spencer A. Isom initiated a community campaign against litter. He is “walking the walk” by picking up trash in his local neighborhood. He is pleased to see others displaying their community spirit by joining in the clean-up efforts.

The El Mirage, “Let’s Pick it Up” campaign provides residents an opportunity to give back to local neighborhoods by volunteering to pick up litter. City-wide beautification efforts will boosts El Mirage’s economic vitality by attracting businesses, families and visitors.

 City Manager Dr. Spencer Isom


  • Foster community spirit
  • City-wide Beautification Efforts
    • Parks, streets, neighborhoods
    • Reaching out to the community on behalf of City Staff to ask for help in keeping El Mirage clean


  • City Manager is Leading by Example
  • Monthly photo winner
  • “Do Not Litter” T-Shirts
  • New Red and Green Trash Receptacles

What is Littering?

Per Arizona Revised Statues Section 13-1603 (http://www.azleg.gov/ars/13/01603.htm)

  1. A person commits criminal littering or polluting if the person without lawful authority does any of the following:

  1. Throws, places, drops or permits to be dropped on public property or property of another that is not a lawful dump any litter, destructive or injurious material that the person does not immediately remove.
  2. Discharges or permits to be discharged any sewage, oil products or other harmful substances into any waters or onto any shorelines within this state.
  3. Dumps any earth, soil, stones, ores or minerals on any land.

May 2017 Let's Pick It Up Winner

May Winning Photo
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